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Introduction to TEACH ME FRENCH

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(ages 15 + and Adults)


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Whether it is for your own interest or self-satisfaction, or it is in view of your next trip to France, I invite you to learn some basic French words and expressions, and, at the same time, learn about the French culture.

Whether you are a teen-ager or an adult, a beginner, a Francophile, or an Alliance Française member, you will like this course. Please take a sneak peek!




ALL 3 in 1!


A lot of websites claim that, if you sign up with them, you can learn a foreign language “on the go”, “in 20 days”, or “5 minutes a day”, or even, you will “speak French from the very first lesson”. They assure you that their method is “scientifically proven” or “fun and science based”. It sounds very convincing indeed. 

They know you are busy, and they tell you what you want to hear. As a result, you sign up for the first month. You have the best intentions, even though you are not totally ready.

In the meantime, a month has elapsed, and you look at your credit card statement only to see that you were charged for a second month whereas you have not started a single class yet.

You resolve to use your subscription, and you are doing great the first week. Then things get in the way, and again one month has elapsed… You get it.
If you sign up with me, the only charge that you will see on your credit card will be $95.00, and you will have access to your class for as long as you wish. You can take the course as many times as needed. There is no monthly or yearly renewal.


(ages 15 + and Adults)


[Video Transcript]

Why do I teach French? First of all, I love the French language. It is as simple as that.

Also, it is proven that bilingual children seem to be more culturally aware, be good problem solvers and have high cognitive skills. But I don’t only teach children. I also teach to adults, adults who are planning a trip to France, for example.

Also, when you learn a foreign language, it does not have to be to speak it fluently, and I will surprise you with this: you can learn a foreign language only with the purpose of understanding your own mother tongue better. How so?

Let me explain. When you learn Latin, it is not to speak it; nobody speaks Latin. Rather, it is to better understand many English words that are Latin-based words.

Well, when you learn French, or Spanish, or Italian, or any language heavily based on Latin, it may be just to satisfy your curiosity or shed some light on some words that you use every day without truly knowing the fascinating story that can hide behind them.

And you quickly realize that you open the door to a captivating world, the world of words.

When I teach French, and this applies to ALL ages, I never miss the opportunity to connect words together, compare languages, explain the etymology and how a word got to be this particular word, and my students leave the class with a better knowledge and a better understanding of the English language. That is my way of teaching French. It makes the live course – or the online course – more interesting than most conventional courses available out there. So, I encourage you to sign up

If you are not seeing what you are looking for on this website, you can contact me and ask when my next kids’ class is, if you are interested in enrolling a child.

And if you are an adult and are looking for a basic and solid French course, you can also contact me – I am always open to questions and personal assistance – Or, you can sign up online by using the link provided on this page.

There are multiple reasons for learning a foreign language, and each and every reason  serves a great purpose whether it be for children or for adults.


Thank you for watching this video. Merci! See you in class!




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