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Introduction to MATH

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[Video Transcript]

Hello, and Welcome!

I’m Coco, and I’m excited to have you as a visitor today.

If you have a child who struggles in math, it is not unusual, and it is not a problem.
I know you could help your son or daughter, sit down with them, and teach them. But I also know that some children do not do well with their parents. Some want the parent to be separate from the teacher.
Maybe you have considered online school support, but it did not work – it often does not.

Math is a step by step, cumulative process, and it is easy for any child to get a bit behind – a few sick days, a family vacation, distraction in the classroom can cause the grades to fall.

If your child is anywhere between kindergarten and 8th grade, I can help. I work very well with children, I give them confidence, and I adapt to their own way of learning – Not only will I bring your child up to speed in math, there is also a very good chance that I will develop the love of math in your child!

So, don’t wait! Give me a call, e-mail me – I’m always available to discuss your needs and re-assure you.

Till then, thank you, and my best wishes.


Please call 406.218.8576

or use the contact form.

Thank you!

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