Your payment in full is your guarantee that you or your child is firmly enrolled in a "live" class.

A refund will be issued only in the occurrence of specified events beyond either party's reasonable control.

Should there be a case of force majeure that causes the whole class to be canceled, a full refund will be issued to you.

Should there be a case of force majeure that causes one day to be canceled, the canceled class will be re-scheduled.

Should there be a valid, legitimate and long-term reason between the time of your payment and the first day of class, a full refund will be issued to you.

A valid, legitimate and long-term reason can be (but is not limited to) catastrophic illness or a sudden move to another area.  
“We now have other plans” or “Something else came up” are not considered valid, legitimate and long-term reasons.

Should you or your child have to miss a class/several classes once the camp or the course has started, a refund for the missed class(es) will be issued if the reason is strongly justified.The reason for missing a class/several classes has to be strongly justified (eg. funeral, emergency surgery, extreme weather, major natural disaster, accident, illness). 
“Just because” or “I don’t feel like it” or “I have other plans” are not good excuses for missing a class/several classes and cannot trigger a refund.



For online classes, there is no refund available once the course has been purchased. Our online classes give you unlimited access to the course for unlimited time. In case of an emergency or force majeure or the occurrence of specified events beyond your reasonable control, we feel that you will still be able to enjoy your selected course when your life is back in order.

Also, before you sign up for our online classes, you are able to take a sneak preview of the first video. There should be no surprise thereafter as all videos in the same course have the same format.


Thank you for your understanding.