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Introduction to MANNERS, PLEASE!

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Public Speaking

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[Video Transcript]

Etiquette, good manners, courtesy, rules of conduct… Call them what you want. You may even think that it is something of the past… and you may be right, until you realize that, if you know good manners, you always know what to do, and you are less likely to make a faux pas or even worse, a mistake. But that’s not all.

Etiquette is about daily life – appearance, posture, social interaction, job interview, table manners, who initiates a handshake, how to behave in public, etc, etc. It is endless. It is also and without a doubt a way for a child, a young adult, or an adult to gain confidence and reach a personal best.

Etiquette is for ALL and can help us ALL.

Help us succeed, help us feel comfortable, be confident and secure in all circumstances and situations.

When you raise your children, it is important to give them the attributes of good manners because good manners, later, may be critical in the life of your young adults.

Please read on, as this is very important:

Your child may never be a good student and may never make it to higher education, but your child’s good or bad manners may lead to success or failure with or without higher education.

So, you need to give your children a plus, a huge plus that the majority of children no longer have today, and YOUR children will stand out and have a better chance in life.

Give them ALL the tools necessary to have a great start! Teach them good manners… or let ME teach them good manners. Trust me, you will see a difference in many aspects.


Please call 406.218.8576

or use the contact form.

Thank you!