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Introduction to Help Me Write

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[Video Transcript for "Help me Write"]

I know, many children have a hard time getting their thoughts in order when it is time

to write a few sentences, an essay, or a report.

The essay or the report starts with an outline, a good, methodical outline, right to the point. Whatever it is, it must be well crafted.

What does that mean? The grammar, the syntax, the punctuation, and the spelling have to be correct. The words and the sentences must flow. In the English language, we have multiple adverbs, transition words and conjunctions that do just that, that are the cement between words, phrases, and sentences.

Good writing is based on the good knowledge of the language. It is not just an art, although it can become one, but it takes practice, and it does not have to be a struggle.

But it starts in 1st grade with grammar. And grammar does not have to be boring. I know a lot of teachers skip parts of the grammar curriculum. Well, without good grammar, a child will lack confidence in speech, all the way to the first job interview and throughout the adult life. It is that simple.

Also, and I know from experience, children who have some good foundations in grammar never struggle in foreign languages. That is a fact.

So, help your child acquire the right tools. Have them tutored in grammar. It will help them now. It will help them for the rest of their life.


Please call 406.218.8576

or use the contact form.

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