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Manners, Please! COURSE

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This list of FAQs should answer some of them. Please read on, and if you still need some clarifications at the end, please call me,

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Social Skills


Self Confidence

Table manners

Thank-you notes


Public Speaking

Job Interview

and more!

Our mission as parents and coaches:

Help our children and young adults increase their chances and their life potential in our society.


Selfishness and inconsiderate behavior are everywhere – at home, at the store, in schools and public places, but they SHOULD NOT be.
We tend to ignore them when our children are young because we think that, at ages 2 or 3, it is “cute”, and it will pass. Be aware, it will not pass, and it will no longer be cute at ages 6 or 7. Rather, it will be more difficult to correct.

Well-mannered children and young adults STAND OUT. IT IS A FACT.

Even though many teen-agers do not consider a summer job as seriously as a “real job”, little do they know how important their posture, their diction, and their positivity are at that job interview and how much more impact they would make if only they did not mumble their answers.

Manners should be part of every child’s education, at home and in school. Unfortunately, it seldom truly is. LET ME HELP YOU!!!

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FAQ about the "MANNERS, PLEASE!" Kids' Course:

How many hours is a full course?

Each course is 10 hours, 2 hours at a time, over 5 days. Each student's full attention is required. Some students can stay focused longer than others, but on an average, the 2-hour increments bring the best results. Attention and consistency are two key elements to success in this class.


How much does the full course cost?

Each “Manners, Please!” course is $150.00 per child for the 10 hours of teaching.

A 10% discount is offered if you sign up a student’s sibling in the same class or another class.


What is the structure of a typical class?

The students and I all sit around a table.

Depending on the age group, I use age-appropriate hand-outs to color or to fill out.

I teach a few points at a time, reiterate, demonstrate, and I have the students apply. The students are constantly encouraged and invited to participate, interact, and apply.


What if my child is shy or uncomfortable around the table?

I will notice a child’s discomfort right away, and I will act with delicacy and subtlety with that particular child. I do not force timid, apprehensive, or insecure children, but I try to challenge them just enough. Positive reinforcement is my best strategy.


What should my child bring?

A water bottle is always recommended. That is all! No sodas, or other sweet beverages, please.


What should my child NOT bring?

Because no class exceeds 2 hours at a time, there should be no need for snacks. Students should have no food distractions or food temptations during the learning process.

One class however will be on table manners. I will bring some food on that day, and I will ask all parents/guardians ahead of time if there are any food allergies or restrictions to be worried about.


When do I sign up?

You may sign up any time, up to one day before the actual course that you choose. Remember though, I have a limit on the number of students per class (depending on the age). As a result, I have to apply the "first come, first served" rule.


How do I sign up?

Please fill out the online-form provided here

or call me, miss Coco, at (406) 218-8576
or e-mail at SimpleManners4Success@gmail.com


When do I pay for the course?

Whenever you decide to sign up your child is the best time to pay. Your payment secures your child’s enrollment. Unfortunately, I am not in a position to hold spots without a firm commitment, i.e. the full payment for the class upon enrollment.


How do I pay for the course?

Please use one of the following:

via Paypal by using my Paypal address voilabycoco@gmail.com

or send a check to Voila by Coco, PO Box 1009, Hamilton, MT 59840

Either way, please make sure you include your name, your child’s name, your phone number, and the class information (class name + age group).


What if there is a force majeure case and the class must be canceled?

A refund will be issued only in the occurrence of specified events beyond either party's reasonable control.




Still more questions?

Please call me, miss Coco, at (406) 218-8576
or e-mail at SimpleManners4Success@gmail.com